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What is WPC Vinyl flooring?

Source:   DateTime:2016-08-25

WPC Vinyl flooring is the newest generation LVT. It is a composite material made of thermoplastics, calcium carbonate, foaming agent, etc. Today the WPC vinyl flooring planks that the industry insiders talk about may not contain wood flour, although the "W" in "WPC" stands for "Wood". The basic structure is wear layer + vinyl top layer + extruded WPC core + 2mm cork or EVA underlayment(optional). The underlayment can make the flooring with wood effect.

The extruded plastic core has lower density than vinyl core, so thicker planks can be made, lower density also means you can save transport freight. Because of the thickness and rigidity, WPC vinyl flooring can tolerate more subfloor imperfections and boasts higher dimensional stability. In addition, since WPC vinyl flooring is usually thicker than traditional LVT, the click tongue and grooves are bigger so the planks are easier to joint together and stay tight.

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