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Ultralight MDF Baseboard moulding VS Basic MDF Baseboard moulding

Source:   DateTime:2018-08-08

Ultralight MDF and Basic MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) are paint grade products that provide wonderful architectural profiles at amazingly affordable prices.

The wood fibers, along with the addition of resin, combine to produce an ultra lightweight MDF – similar to the weight of pine. While typical MDF mouldings are much heavier in weight and when installed can pucker around nails, Ultralight MDF mouldings nail more like pine mouldings. The combination of light weight and better nailing makes Ultralight MDF mouldings an ideal choice.

Ultralight and Basic MDF are the mouldings of choice for multi-million dollar homes, as well as entry to high-end tract housing. MDF is ideal for any home or office to improve on typical mouldings without adding increased costs.


With cost less than finger joint pine, Ultralight and Basic MDF are preprimed, have no joints, does not crack, split, twist or wrap and never have raised or inconsistent grain.

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